About Us

Albaksan Group is a group of companies specialized on Special Copper and Bronze Alloy Products since 1980. Along with three different production facilities and sales office in US, 80% of the group’s production are exports, to more than 60 countries around the world mainly to US and EU countries.

Albaksan Group has Continuous Casting, Centrifugal Casting, Sand Casting, Open and Closed Die Forging, Ring Forging, Extrusion, Heat Treatment and CNC machining processes within their plants. The products manufactured within the group have many critical applications from automotive to marine industry, from renewable energy to tooling industry, from aviation to advanced physics applications.

Associated with AS9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and DNV-GL certifications, quality and safety activities constitute the main priority for Albaksan Group. Group is continuously improving its quality laboratories and renewed them in the light of new technologies.

Setting the industry standard

Industries and Applications

Electromechanical specialties:

Focusing on high conductivity copper with fine grain size and excellent mechanical and physical properties.

Some of our industries served:

  • Industrial AC Motors
  • Railway / Traction Motors
  • Mining / Atex Motors
  • Marine Motors
  • Power Generators
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Gas / Steam Turbines Generators

Metal Forming specialties:

We got our start by being the premier producer of hard bronze alloys for deep drawing applications. Our materials offer superior surface quality, low friction coefficient and non-magnetic properties.

Some of our industries served:

  • Deep drawing of Stainless Steel sinks and “white goods”
  • Metal forming for large Stainless Steel “Dish Ends”
  • Forming Dies
  • Tube Bending and forming
  • Wiper Dies

Marine specialties:

We specialize in a multitude of Marine applications. Our certifications and quality plus the ability to produce a wide array of products have allowed us to lead the industry.

We produce materials for:

  • Diesel Pump Bodies
  • Sliding shoes for CPP propulsion systems
  • Propellers
  • Liners
  • Flanges, Welding Necks, Fittings
  • Torpedo Tube Latches
  • Forged bars for multi-purpose
  • Cutless Bearing

Aerospace specialties:

We as an AS9100 approved facility, we are providing materials for use in multiple aerospace applications.

We produce materials for:

  • Bronzes for Landing Gears
  • Bronzes for Bushes and Bearing for Aircraft
  • Copper Body for Rocket Nozzles
  • Forged Bronze Bars for Space Launching Platforms

Advanced Physics advantages:

We proudly service National Labs to meet their demanding and specialized requirements and projects. With our ability to produce desired alloys and properties we are the key solution provider.

Our advantages:

The alloys we produce take into account four (4) distinctive types of molding applications. Continuous casting molds for ferrous and non-ferrous, Low Pressure Die Casting molds, Plastic Injection and deep drawing of stainless steel.

Food Industry advantages:

Our superior surface quality and ability to meet critical requirements has allowed us to become one of the most important suppliers to the Pasta & Snack Extrusion Die Makers for the food industry.

Heavy Machinery advantages:

We excel in providing materials for special applications in the field of Heavy Machinery. Fully machined, or blanks for tilt rotors, bushings, and non-electromagnetic products used in underground mining equipment.

Resistance Welding specialties:

As one of the predominant suppliers to OEM’s, we are a leader in the field of resistance welding. We produce seamless welding wheels, arms, holders, adapters, fixtures and electrodes. Albaksan Group is your solution specialist.

Oil and Gas specialties:

Albaksan Group offers a wide range of materials suited for Oil & Gas applications. You can find our materials used in down-holes drilling tools, pumps, valves, marine hardware, bushings and other demanding and corrosive applications. We produce non-sparking and friction-resistant alloys.

Aluminium Die Casting

Our alloys are used as plunger tips and moving plate bushings in the aluminum injection casting, For plunger tips material needs high strength, good thermal conductivity, and ability to work on high operating temperatures. Thermal conductivity is critical for the cooling of the piston heads. Keeping the piston heads cooler than the molten metal is important to delay the deformation of the plunger tip, which heats up during thrust. Yield and tensile strength, hardness, and coefficient of elongation determine the life.


Production and Capabilities

At Albaksan, we use our extensive knowledge to determine the best method of manufacture for your products. We create the perfect product flow dependent on our customers demanding needs. This allows for us to insure all metallurgical, mechanical & physical properties are met. And of course, the quality is second to none. Contact us to allow our process engineers the opportunity to create product that exceeds your needs.

Exceptional production range

AlbaksanForged rings up
to Dia. 1000 mm
AlbaksanForged full discs
up to Dia. 900 mm
AlbaksanForged bars up
to Dia. 350 mm
AlbaksanForged squares
up to 350 x 350 mm
AlbaksanForged rectangulars
up to 100 x 500 mm
AlbaksanCentrifugal castings
up to Dia. 1270 mm
AlbaksanSand castings
up to 1.5 tons


Vertical Semi Continuous Casting

Sand Casting

Centrifugal Casting



Open Die Forging

Closed Die Forging

Extrusion Press

Ring Rolling

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Quenching Furnaces

Aging Furnaces



CNC horizontal and vertical lathes

CNC milling machines including 5 axis

Standard and Custom Alloys

High-Conductivity Coppers

High-Conductivity Coppers

High-Conductivity Coppers

High-Conductivity Coppers

Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum Bronze

Copper-Nickel Bronze

Copper-Nickel Bronze

Aluminum Bronze

Other Alloys

High-Conductivity Coppers

High-Conductivity Coppers

Copper-Nickel Bronze

Copper-Nickel Bronze

High-Conductivity Coppers

High-Conductivity Coppers

Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum Bronze

Copper-Nickel Bronze

Copper-Nickel Bronze

Aluminum Bronze

Other Alloys

Testing and Quality Control





Conductivity Testing



Surface Roughness



AS 9100 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 14001 Foundry Approval Approval of Manufactuer

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