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Our logistics team can ship your material delivered to your door. We are delivering to a wide geographic range from USA to Australia, China to Finland, Brasil to Kazakhstan.
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Same day delivery!

We keep tons of material with diverse sizes and alloys. Just to help you with your urgent needs. We keep consignment stock at our customer locations.

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Exactly what you have asked for!

All our material is according to DIN 3.1.B certified. Based on the application we can issue 3.2.B certification or X-ray. Our team is level 2 ultrasonic control certified.

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Ready to mount!

We deliver all sides proof machined so that you can CNC machine. Or we can delivery according to your drawing.

As you prefer.

Technical Support


Together we have achieved 27% cost decrease on spot welding lines, we have secured 8% energy savings. We can help you choose the right material for the right application.

Together we can do better.


All for the next generation.

For a cleaner environment, send your used material back to us. Getting a kg of copper from the earth causes 6,0 kgs of carbon release. By recycling we can decrease the figure down to 0,7kgs.

Just call and let us buy back our used material.



Automotive, Mould making, Marine, Aviation, Energy, Engines, Bearings