Aluminum Injection

aluminyum_enjeksyon_AN3S_AN42Our alloys are used as plunger tips and moving plate bushings in the aluminum injection casting.
  • For plunger tips, we recommend AN-4, AN3S and AB-4 alloys for their high strength, good thermal conductivity, and ability to work on high operating temperatures. Thermal conductivity is critical for the cooling of the piston heads. Keeping the piston heads cooler than the molten metal is important to delay the deformation of the plunger tip, which heats up during thrust. Yield and tensile strength, hardness, and coefficient of elongation determine the life.
  • We recommend our alloys as the best option to be used as bushing material for good wear resistance and bearing combination.
  • Related Alloys: AN4, AN3S, AB4

Sheet Forming and Coating

Alba360_sac_sivamaOur alloys are used for metal forming and deep drawing of stainless steel. We have different alloys to meet the specific requirement of different applications.
  • ALBA 360 is used as mold material in the manufacturing of stainless steel pipes and roll forming. ALBA 360 is non magnetic and has very good (low) friction co-efficient. ALBA 360 will help you to achieve superior surface quality and faster production.
  • ALBA 360 is used as deep drawing molding material in the production of pans, teapots, and sinks
  • ALBA 360 used in the automotive industry as inserts in deep drawing molds. They reduce cycle time compared to steel molds. Their non-magnetic properties also increase product quality. Depending on the type of steel and the deformation, ALBA 310, ALBA 360, ALBA 390 and ALBADUR bronzes are recommended.
  • In applications that require bending such as exhaust pipes made from stainless steel or other steels, ALBA180/1, ALBA180/3 and ALBA 280 are recommended for the wiper dies. Use of such alloys both increases product quality and increases equipment life.
  • Related alloys: ALBA180/1, ALBA180/3, ALBA 280, ALBA 310, ALBA 360, ALBA 390 and ALBADUR

Bearing Materials (Bushings and Gears)

Our alloys are used in the manufacturing of bushings and gears that work under tough conditions, in environments that require corrosion resistance.
  • Marine industry uses our alloys in the manufacturing of all shafts, bearings and bushings, and propellers, which are in contact with salt water, propeller shafts, screws, seawater pipelines, seawater desalination plants, hydraulic pumps, pistons and rings exposed to highly corrosive environments.
  • Aviation industry, uses our alloys as bushings, housings, piston pins and landing gears, engine and lock assemblies. They are preferred in fresh water and salt-water pump bodies for their corrosion resistance.
  • ALBA 360 is used as gear, ball bearing, bearing housings, bushing and bearing material in the machinery sector.
  • In the food sector, they are preferred for sanitary reasons for their corrosion resistance when in contact with food.
  • Machine producers use our material in the production as gear components; such as ball bearings, bearing housings, bushings and bearings.
    In the food industry, they are preferred for sanitary reasons for their corrosion resistance when in contact with food.
  • In the automotive production, they are used in transmission components, ball bearing and bearing housings, cylinder valves and shaft guides, frictionless rings, and segments of high performance (Formula 1) cars. Also used as railroad connectors. Furthermore, used as pipe casting spoon, plastic injection molding material.
  • Related alloys: ALBA180/1, ALBA180/2, ALBA180/3, ALBA180/4 and ALBA 280

Resistance Welding

Ac1z_direnc_kaynakOur copper alloys are used in electrical resistance welding as electrodes, fixtures, connectors.

  • AC1Z, AB4, AC4, and AN3S alloys are used to weld steel pieces in automotive, panel radiator, white goods, solar panel production.
  • Our technical support team is ready to help you to achieve better welds with less spatter, better visual quality, and optimize the parameters to achieve faster welds and targeted nugget sizes.
  • Related alloys: AC1, AC1Z, AN3S, AB4, AC4 and AB44



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