About Us

ALBAKSAN Group comprises 3 companies providing diverse high quality copper alloy products for a variety of sectors.


albaksan binaAlbaksan is the pioneer casting house of special copper alloy production in Turkey. The company is founded in 1980 to supply hard bronzes to the deep drawing applications and welding components to the automotive industry.
We quickly became the most sought for solution provider in the moulding and resistance welding applications in Turkey. Fast growth required specialization and the hard bronze business transferred to Aldoksan, a spinoff from Albaksan.

Focusing on the production of semi-finished or finished high-conductivity hard copper alloys such as CuCr, CuCrZr, CuNi3Si+Cr, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be, CuBe2 generated further growth and Albaksan became the first exporter of these alloys in Turkey. Albaksan alloys are used in a variety of critical applications such as high voltage switchgear, resistance welding, and die casting mold materials.

Innovation is in our DNA. Albaksan introduced super conducting CuCrZr we call weldmax that are used in special resistance welding applications; castmax alloy that is used in low pressure die casting and termomax with superior thermal conductivity.

Today, Albaksan exports more than 60% of its production. Our products are used in more than 60 countries around the world from China to USA, Finland to Australia, Germany to Brazil.


Aldöksan is a spinoff from Albaksan specialized in the production of bronzes. The company is founded in 1985.

Aldöksan has sand casting, centrifugal casting facilities and can cast up to 2 tons a piece. We are specialized in aluminum manganese and nickel bronzes as well as centrifugal casting of high conducting hard copper alloys. Whenever required we can forge and heat-treat our products.

Innovation is in our DNA. In 2011 Aldöksan introduced a new alloys we call Albadur that is used in the deep drawing with the lowest surface friction coefficient in the market.

We export more than 60% of our production to all over the world and our customers call our hard bronzes to be the best available in the market!


Our group's relation with the automotive industry dates back to our first days of operation. The business is founded as a spinoff from Albaksan in 1998.

We supply welding electrodes, shanks, electrode holders and arms used in resistance welding. We are focused on supplying the automotive, white goods and heating appliance producers.

Our technical team help our clients to achieve better welds. We are proud to say that we achieved 27% cost reduction per body and 8% energy saving.



Automotive, Mould making, Marine, Aviation, Energy, Engines, Bearings